What is burnout and how do you cope with it?

What is burnout? Burnout is when we are emotionally and mentally exhausted due to prolonged stress. It can lead us to feeling a loss of motivation and interest and reduces our productivity. This can affect our mood, leaving us feeling anxious and low. Burnout can affect many areas of our life, such as at work,Continue reading “What is burnout and how do you cope with it?”

Looking after your mental health over Christmas

For many, Christmas is a very joyous time of year. It is synonymous with food, warm drinks, presents, time with family and friends, as well as a small break from work! However, for some, it can be a rather difficult period, as it is common for numerous people to have mental health struggles exacerbated overContinue reading “Looking after your mental health over Christmas”

What is procrastination and how do we stop?

We all procrastinate from time to time, especially to avoid difficult or uninteresting tasks. Procrastination can affect any aspect of our life: our work, our social life, relationship or academia. It is important to note that it is in fact normal and very common. However, procrastinating can be more problematic when considering the severity ofContinue reading “What is procrastination and how do we stop?”

Why is it so important we take breaks?

It is a common mentality that continuously working until exhaustion without breaks demonstrates a good work ethic. In certain situations, we are tempted (and sometimes encouraged) to push ourselves as much as possible. For example, during exam season, or when starting at a new job and trying to make a good first impression. Culturally, weContinue reading “Why is it so important we take breaks?”

How is sleep related to our mental health?

In previous blogs, we have touched on the importance that sleep has on our mental and physical wellbeing, but not in a lot of detail. And it is true, sleep is absolutely vital as it serves several purposes. Firstly, it filters through the information our brains have collated and disposes of the unnecessary ‘junk’. ThisContinue reading “How is sleep related to our mental health?”

How is our gut related to our mental health?

Many people with mental health issues, particularly anxiety and panic disorders, experience gut problems. For example, loss of appetite, stomach pains and Irritated Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are the most commonly discussed. This is because there is a link between our mind and gut. The Enteric Nervous System (also known as our second brain located inContinue reading “How is our gut related to our mental health?”

What is the intolerance of uncertainty?

What does an intolerance of uncertainty look like? Intolerance of uncertainty is a concept that affects many people with anxiety. Uncertainty is a common thing in life, as we cannot see into the future. For example, we can be uncertain of where we will be living in five years’ time, or even what we haveContinue reading “What is the intolerance of uncertainty?”

Going back to work and our mental health

During the summer many of us have enjoyed some time off. Be it a trip abroad, a festival weekend or a week relaxing at home, taking a break is vital. Now, it is coming to that time again where we are preparing to return to work. Undoubtedly, this can be a tricky time, reestablishing aContinue reading “Going back to work and our mental health”

Back to school and young people’s mental health

a guide for parents It is slowly coming to that time again! As the six week holiday comes to a close, everyone is readying themselves for ‘back to school’ mode. Preparing for the year ahead is important experience and a good habit to get into, as for anyone going into a new job role orContinue reading “Back to school and young people’s mental health”