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We have a variety of blogs below, written by different team members. These include the difference between counselling and CBT, and choosing the right therapist. We also have lots of tips and techniques for various mental health difficulties. Scroll down to see all of our current topics or use the search bar at the very bottom of the page to search.

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Q + A with Senior Counselling Therapist: Monique Stojakovic

To continue with our Q + A series, we asked one of our accredited Senior Counselling Therapists – Monique Stojakovic – a couple of questions about herself and her work. You can hear Monique’s answers in the recording below. Listen below to hear her answer the following: What does your role entail at BLT?  DoContinue reading “Q + A with Senior Counselling Therapist: Monique Stojakovic”

Which type of therapy is right for me if I have depression or low mood?

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs (which you can find here), there are different types of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and counselling. We’ve highlighted the most effective treatments out there for depression specifically, as determined by research which guides the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). We’ll do another blogContinue reading “Which type of therapy is right for me if I have depression or low mood?”

Postgraduate Psychology Careers and the Impact on Mental Health

Graduating and psychology careers Graduating from university can bring a wave of relief and excitement for many psychology postgraduates. This is especially following a term of dissertation projects and final-year exams. However, this can be closely followed by the competitiveness and stress experienced when trying to kick-start a psychology career. Be it careers within theContinue reading “Postgraduate Psychology Careers and the Impact on Mental Health”

The link between social media use and mental health

Social media is a very influential and important part of modern life. Although it was originally just created as a tool of communication, social media is becoming increasingly embedded into everyday life. For example, many job roles now involve social media use, such as posting on behalf of a company you work for, or evenContinue reading “The link between social media use and mental health”

What impact does bullying have on mental health?

Bullying is a common issue that can be defined as behaving negatively towards other people with the intention to cause harm. Of course, not every interaction we have with everyone will be positive, but bullying has specific characteristics. It is repetitive, hostile in nature, and characterised by an imbalance in power between the bully andContinue reading “What impact does bullying have on mental health?”


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