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What is people-pleasing and is it a bad habit?

As humans, we are social animals. The majority of us feel the importance of connecting with others, and building strong rapports. One way in which we do this is to demonstrate helping-behaviours and emotional availability. For instance, we may assist a peer with studying, help them move house, or giving them a lift. Moreover, weContinue reading “What is people-pleasing and is it a bad habit?”

How are young people’s mental health in the summer holidays?

a guide for parents For many young people and students, the summer holidays are a blessing, especially during the first couple of weeks. After months of coursework and exams, having those lie-ins and a chance to relax is always very welcome. Some may be excited for new trips and holidays, as well as socialising andContinue reading “How are young people’s mental health in the summer holidays?”

Intrusive Thoughts & Mental Health

What are intrusive thoughts? We can all, from time to time, experience intrusive thoughts. These are unwanted, and sometimes distressing, ideas, memories, and images that enter our mind randomly and cause disruption. The content of such thoughts can vary, and therefore, so does the level of distress caused. There are different types of intrusive thoughts.Continue reading “Intrusive Thoughts & Mental Health”

Lapses in motivation and how to boost it

By Eleanor Holmes Motivation is the internal mechanism that pushes us forward with our goal-orientated behaviours. However, from time time, we all experience lapses in motivation. During these lapses, it can seem difficult to carry out our usual tasks, especially when confronted with a long list of things to complete. Whether related to work, ourContinue reading “Lapses in motivation and how to boost it”


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