Perfectionism and low self-esteem

How does perfectionism and low self-esteem work together? Perfectionism is observed when a person sets themselves very high standards, which are often difficult to meet. When the standards are inevitably not met, this can lead to feelings of failure. In turn, this can result in low self-esteem and feeling anxious and depressed.  Alternatively, the veryContinue reading “Perfectionism and low self-esteem”

What is low self-esteem and how can we manage it?

Self esteem is how we view our worth. If we have low self-esteem, we believe we are not worthy. Read on to learn how low self-esteem develops and sticks around, and how we can manage it using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Where does low self-esteem come from? Low self-esteem can come from a number ofContinue reading “What is low self-esteem and how can we manage it?”

Psychology Careers: First Jobs After University

Guest blog by Eleanor Holmes There are many good roles to apply for when just starting out and considering careers in psychology! A degree, as with many careers, is the starting point, but where do you go from there? Here are three examples of potential roles you could go for. Mental Health Support Worker Description: MentalContinue reading “Psychology Careers: First Jobs After University”

Postgraduate Psychology Careers and the Impact on Mental Health

Guest blog by Eleanor Holmes Graduating and psychology careers Graduating from university can bring a wave of relief and excitement for many psychology postgraduates. This is especially following a term of dissertation projects and final-year exams. However, this can be closely followed by the competitiveness and stress experienced when trying to kick-start a psychology career.Continue reading “Postgraduate Psychology Careers and the Impact on Mental Health”

What is burnout and how do you cope with it?

What is burnout? Burnout is when we are emotionally and mentally exhausted due to prolonged stress. It can lead us to feeling a loss of motivation and interest and reduces our productivity. This can affect our mood, leaving us feeling anxious and low. Burnout can affect many areas of our life, such as at work,Continue reading “What is burnout and how do you cope with it?”

The steps to good self-esteem

Self esteem is all about our evaluation of our own worth. If we think we’re worthy, we have higher self esteem. Whereas, if we think we’re not worthy, we tend to have lower self-esteem.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Maslow’s hierarchy (see image below) is a way of showing the steps needed to be able toContinue reading “The steps to good self-esteem”

What are grounding techniques?

What are grounding techniques, and do they help? Grounding is a name given to exercises that can help to bring relief from high states of panic and anxiety or flashbacks of traumatic experiences. They can help orientate us back to the ‘here and now’, so that our minds are not stuck ruminating on past experiencesContinue reading “What are grounding techniques?”

Baby blues and low mood in new and expectant mums

Last year I teamed up with Emma‘s Diary facebook page to deliver a free session about low mood, depression and baby blues for new and expectant mums. What are baby blues? Baby blues are the name given to the low mood that women can experience the first week after childbirth. This can take many newContinue reading “Baby blues and low mood in new and expectant mums”

Are you worried that CBT therapy won’t work for you?

“CBT therapy doesn’t work for me” I’ve assessed many people who will say to me ‘CBT doesn’t work for me’, and are then put off trying it again if they need further support. There is definitely a number of people who will have had true CBT and it wasn’t right for them. Perhaps they couldn’tContinue reading “Are you worried that CBT therapy won’t work for you?”