What is the intolerance of uncertainty?

What does an intolerance of uncertainty look like? Intolerance of uncertainty is a concept that affects many people with anxiety. Uncertainty is a common thing in life, as we cannot see into the future. For example, we can be uncertain of where we will be living in five years’ time, or even what we haveContinue reading “What is the intolerance of uncertainty?”

What is people-pleasing and is it a bad habit?

As humans, we are social animals. The majority of us feel the importance of connecting with others, and building strong rapports. One way in which we do this is to demonstrate helping-behaviours and emotional availability. For instance, we may assist a peer with studying, help them move house, or giving them a lift. Moreover, weContinue reading “What is people-pleasing and is it a bad habit?”

Going back to work and our mental health

During the summer many of us have enjoyed some time off. Be it a trip abroad, a festival weekend or a week relaxing at home, taking a break is vital. Now, it is coming to that time again where we are preparing to return to work. Undoubtedly, this can be a tricky time, reestablishing aContinue reading “Going back to work and our mental health”

Back to school and young people’s mental health

a guide for parents It is slowly coming to that time again! As the six week holiday comes to a close, everyone is readying themselves for ‘back to school’ mode. Preparing for the year ahead is important experience and a good habit to get into, as for anyone going into a new job role orContinue reading “Back to school and young people’s mental health”

How are young people’s mental health in the summer holidays?

a guide for parents For many young people and students, the summer holidays are a blessing, especially during the first couple of weeks. After months of coursework and exams, having those lie-ins and a chance to relax is always very welcome. Some may be excited for new trips and holidays, as well as socialising andContinue reading “How are young people’s mental health in the summer holidays?”

How do you do self-care?

What is self-care? Self-care refers to the things we do to look after ourselves. Self-care is incredibly important to ensure that we are living our best, more fulfilling lives. It takes account of our physical and mental health, as without one, we cannot fully have the other. What self-care activities can I do? There areContinue reading “How do you do self-care?”

How do I become more assertive?

What is assertiveness? Being assertive is a skill that allows you to stand up for yourself or other’s right. It means that you listen and talk (rather than dominate or take a back seat), but you still get your point across fairly. If you’re not assertive, what are you instead? You might be passive, aggressiveContinue reading “How do I become more assertive?”

Intrusive Thoughts & Mental Health

What are intrusive thoughts? We can all, from time to time, experience intrusive thoughts. These are unwanted, and sometimes distressing, ideas, memories, and images that enter our mind randomly and cause disruption. The content of such thoughts can vary, and therefore, so does the level of distress caused. There are different types of intrusive thoughts.Continue reading “Intrusive Thoughts & Mental Health”

The Robora Podcast Interview

Very recently, I was interviewed by Annie Ridout, co-founder of The Robora, for her podcast. The Robora Podcast The Robora is an online business teaching practical and mindset skills to women who work online. They run a podcast and sell online courses.  Their recent season on the podcast is focusing on women who also runContinue reading “The Robora Podcast Interview”

Lapses in motivation and how to boost it

By Eleanor Holmes Motivation is the internal mechanism that pushes us forward with our goal-orientated behaviours. However, from time time, we all experience lapses in motivation. During these lapses, it can seem difficult to carry out our usual tasks, especially when confronted with a long list of things to complete. Whether related to work, ourContinue reading “Lapses in motivation and how to boost it”