What impact does bullying have on mental health?

Bullying is a common issue that can be defined as behaving negatively towards other people with the intention to cause harm. Of course, not every interaction we have with everyone will be positive, but bullying has specific characteristics. It is repetitive, hostile in nature, and characterised by an imbalance in power between the bully andContinue reading “What impact does bullying have on mental health?”

Anger management and our mental health

Anger, like any emotion, does play a specific function and can be helpful to us. It can motivate us to act on injustice and achieve positive change. It can also act as an innate tool to keep us safe, indicating to us that we are in potential danger, thus triggering our flight or fight response.Continue reading “Anger management and our mental health”

The impact of exercise on our mental health

We are all likely aware of the importance of regular exercise. Especially with regards to the physical benefits, there is a long list as to why exercise is so advantageous! Not only does it allow us to build muscle, tone our bodies and aid our metabolism, but it can prevent us from developing certain healthContinue reading “The impact of exercise on our mental health”

Why are routines important for our mental health?

When you wake up, what are the first few things that you do in the morning? Do you start off by making yourself a coffee and flicking through social media? Then maybe having a shower and getting ready for the day? Or is it a little more varied, where you don’t follow a particular routine?Continue reading “Why are routines important for our mental health?”

What is a healthy form of self-reflection?

We all find ourselves being self-reflective from time-to time. It is, in many ways, an automatic process we may find ourselves engaging in throughout everyday life, such as following a social encounter, or experiencing a challenge at work. It is also something that is encouraged during many mental health interventions in order to make activeContinue reading “What is a healthy form of self-reflection?”

Why do panic attacks occur?

We all experience feelings of anxiety, or even panic from time-to-time. In fact, having such a response to stressful situations can be described simply as a part of life. Low level anxiety can feel motivational, as it spurs us on to act, get things done (e.g. to meet a deadline), or avoid danger. However experiencingContinue reading “Why do panic attacks occur?”

Why is a growth mindset better than a fixed one?

The key to treating or managing mental health symptoms can be understanding the various components that drive or challenge their development. This can include specific thinking patterns, behaviours and emotions. One such example could be investigating particular mindsets that promote a healthy or unhealthy mental wellbeing. This is because the way in which we thinkContinue reading “Why is a growth mindset better than a fixed one?”