The steps to good self-esteem

Self esteem is all about our evaluation of our own worth. If we think we’re worthy, we have higher self esteem. Whereas, if we think we’re not worthy, we tend to have lower self-esteem.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Maslow’s hierarchy (see image below) is a way of showing the steps needed to be able toContinue reading “The steps to good self-esteem”

What are grounding techniques?

What are grounding techniques, and do they help? Grounding is a name given to exercises that can help to bring relief from high states of panic and anxiety or flashbacks of traumatic experiences. They can help orientate us back to the ‘here and now’, so that our minds are not stuck ruminating on past experiencesContinue reading “What are grounding techniques?”

Baby blues and low mood in new and expectant mums

Last year I teamed up with Emma‘s Diary facebook page to deliver a free session about low mood, depression and baby blues for new and expectant mums. What are baby blues? Baby blues are the name given to the low mood that women can experience the first week after childbirth. This can take many newContinue reading “Baby blues and low mood in new and expectant mums”

Are you worried that CBT therapy won’t work for you?

“CBT therapy doesn’t work for me” I’ve assessed many people who will say to me ‘CBT doesn’t work for me’, and are then put off trying it again if they need further support. There is definitely a number of people who will have had true CBT and it wasn’t right for them. Perhaps they couldn’tContinue reading “Are you worried that CBT therapy won’t work for you?”

Coping during Covid – Guest blog by Eleanor Holmes

The current pandemic, it is fair to say, has challenged all of us in varying ways. These challenges are even more evident when in lockdown, as feelings of uncertainty, fear of illness and isolation are significantly exacerbated.  But, of course, in the face of adversity (and not to mention slight irritation!) many have banded togetherContinue reading “Coping during Covid – Guest blog by Eleanor Holmes”

Three tips for managing anxiety

Last year, I teamed up with Families Online to deliver a workshop about managing anxiety aimed at families of all ages. The workshop covered a few different ideas about how to cope with anxiety. As you will see in the video, there are three great ways to manage anxiety. Managing anxiety: You can manage practicalContinue reading “Three tips for managing anxiety”

Using your values to live the life you want and boost your mood

The usefulness of values Values refers to the things that are important to you. They determine how you spend your time, what you commit to, and how you want to live your life. Our values can therefore guide our activities. Looking at your values is useful for anyone, as they can really benefit from takingContinue reading “Using your values to live the life you want and boost your mood”

‘Have You Tried Being Happy?’ Podcast Interview

It was a great pleasure to join Yasmin Anning on her podcast ‘Have You Tried Being Happy?’ (which is aptly named after some particularly unhelpful advice on managing low mood!). This podcast is all about mental health, but it offers a “unique perspective of accepting and living with your mental health” with an “unfiltered sprinklingContinue reading “‘Have You Tried Being Happy?’ Podcast Interview”

Interview with Coffee with Dave

I recently did an interview with Coffee with Dave about Brighter Life Therapy. We talk about my journey with becoming a CBT Therapist, the work I do with clients, and general self care. We also chat about coffee! Coffee with Dave is a fantastic blog that highlights therapists across the world to find out moreContinue reading “Interview with Coffee with Dave”