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Thank you for a great workshop on managing low self esteem. It was so easy to follow because everything was explained so clearly. I left feeling hopeful and with a clear idea of strategies I can use to start tackling low self esteem. I would recommend the service and this particular workshop. Thank you Brighter Life Therapy.

Loved it - would love for these to happen more often. Could you do a monthly group session?

I have nothing to criticise, the presenter was very clear and gave such helpful advice, in a really compassionate way. The techniques were helpful and I liked that we had time to practise them right there in the workshop.

A great way to access support can be via therapy workshops, particularly if you cannot regularly commit to weekly therapy sessions.

Low self-esteem therapy workshops

The first of our therapy workshops focuses on boosting low self-esteem. Through this, we go through a clear understanding of what low self-esteem is and how it develops. From here, we think about four strategies to manage low self-esteem, using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), so you have some very practical tips to go away with. We also provide a workbook so you can take notes and complete short exercises in the workshop to really get the most out of it.

Benefits of the workshop

  • Learning why your self-esteem first started can be eye-opening and helpful to make sense of the situation
  • Understanding what’s keeping the low self-esteem going is what we need to know so we can break those cycles using strategies
  • A range of strategies based on well-researched CBT therapy will give you a practical toolkit to start working on improving your self-esteem.
  • It’s a cheaper way to access some support
  • Less commitment than frequent weekly sessions which may not be feasible for you right now.
  • Whilst there is no expectation for you to openly disclose any information about yourself, some people like being in a group setting as it can be comforting to know they are not alone with this.

Practical details

There are no workshops currently in the diary. Our latest one took place in June 2021. Please do register your interest in attending the low self-esteem course by emailing

Are therapy workshops a group intervention?

Yes, it is. This means that other people will similar difficulties to yourself will be joining the workshop. This can be a very normalising process, to understand that other people are in the same boat. Groups can also be scary for some people due to not wanting to share too much. Rest assured, in our online workshops, we ask for some engagement, e.g. with anonymous quizzes or time to try out tasks in our workbooks, but we don’t expect you to open up about anything with the group.

Should I do some self-help or attend a group workshop?

Generally speaking, mental health services and professionals recommend a ‘least intensive’ intervention first, e.g. self-help before a group workshop, and then a workshop before individual support. If you’ve tried self-help before, e.g. reading books or blogs, and it’s not worked for you, why don’t you attend a workshop and see if this helps? There is often very little commitment to a workshop, but it gives you a good sense about therapy and if it could be right for you.

When should I opt for individual support instead of group workshops?

If your problems have been persistent for a very long time or feel quite severe, or you’ve tried our workshop before, you may prefer our individual therapy sessions to support you instead. You can read about them here. We can tailor the sessions more to your needs. However, less severe or chronic problems can respond really well to therapy workshops.

Who runs the workshop?

Our Clinical Director and CBT Therapist, Anjali Mehta, created the Boosting Self -Esteem therapy workshop and runs it. She is an experienced and trained Lecturer and therefore knows how to deliver engaging workshops. She also has 8+ years of running therapy groups and workshops in the NHS and private settings.

Our Clinical Assistant, Eleanor Holmes, has also been largely involved in preparing the workshops and co-facilitates the workshop. She has utilised her knowledge from her undergraduate degree in Psychology, where she learnt about self-esteem in-depth. Eleanor has experience of delivering numerous workshops in schools as part of her role in another child psychology research clinic, alongside Anjali, so they work well as a team!

You can read about Anjali and Eleanor here.

How can I access the recording?

If you paid the workshop when it was on sale, you will be emailed a link to the recording, along with the password to access it within 48 hours. If you haven’t received this, please check your junk inbox first. If it’s still not there, please get in touch by emailing us on

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Please note, this workshop is now SOLD OUT.

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