Module 3 introduction

Module 3 introduction Brighter Life Therapy

Well done, you’ve now mastered module 2, and are ready for module 3! The meaty one!

So far we have covered what low self-esteem is, how it develops, how it is maintained as well as it’s connection to low mood and anxiety.

It is important for us to know the what’s and the why’s, before moving onto how we change these thinking patterns and ultimately boost self-esteem.

In this module, we’ll be doing exactly that! The next page starts with an overview of CBT, then moves into five key strategies you can use to build a healthier self-perception.

As before, remember to apply the information to yourself. Now, more than ever, you need to really do these techniques, not just read them. That is the only way you will see a change in your self-esteem. If you can, carve out time every day, even just 10 minutes, to implement these techniques into your life.

You’ve got this!