Experiments for anxious predictions

For our second technique, we focus on challenging anxious predictions. The easiest way of doing this is to carry out behavioural experiments to test these predictions and to challenge self-critical thoughts. One of the most common unhelpful behaviours we can engage in after experiencing a wave of self-criticism is avoidance. This certainly occurs if we are overcome with anxious predictions regarding a future situation, and deciding it would be safer to not place ourselves where we may feel vulnerable to more self-criticism. However this only contributes to the issue, and so a helpful way to push ourselves out of our comfort zone is to do just that! It’s important to test the restrictive boundaries we have set for ourselves, so pract…

Experiments for anxious predictions Brighter Life Therapy

However, we appreciate that this is of course easier said than done, and may require more time and possibly a bit more support from a therapist. Sometimes jumping into the deep end is too daunting for a first step, so trying smaller steps can be a better place to start. For example (continuing with the above analogy) you could maybe talk to one person about the idea before talking about it in a meeting. Or maybe you could role play your ‘pitch’ to a family member or friend. We do have a Brighter Life Therapy behavioural experiments resource which you can download below!