Diary planning and fitting in self-care

For this next lesson, we will be highlighting the importance planning out your day, and reviewing how you spend your time. Often, people with low self-esteem don’t allow themselves to do nice things, which can contribute to feeling low.

Take a moment to reflect

  • Do you treat yourself with kindness and respect? 
  • How are you spending your time?  

The first step with this strategy is to track what you have done for the last few days or week. Try writing down in a journal what you get up. You might use a table similar to the one below.

Diary planning and fitting in self-care Brighter Life Therapy

Once you have tracked this for a week or so, you can then start to experiment with some changes.  Can you increase time spent doing self-care activities?

Self-care refers to the things we do to look after ourselves. Self-care is incredibly important to ensure that we are living in a way that is most fulfilling. It takes into account our physical and mental health, as both are incredibly important for our general wellbeing.

You can add your self-care activity ideas to a planner similar to the one below – we’ve added in some examples. Others could include taking a bath, listening to music, watching a film in comfy PJ’s etc. There are of course so many activities you could choose from, and it depends on what you enjoy. You need to choose activities that feel comfortable for you. 

Diary planning and fitting in self-care Brighter Life Therapy

For more information and self-care ideas, click here to read one of our self-care blogs! To use our own activities log, you can also access that here.