Course and module 1 introduction

Course and module 1 introduction Brighter Life Therapy

Welcome to this course on managing your low self-esteem. You’ve chosen this course because you want to work on yourself, build self-awareness and make lasting changes to how you think about yourself. That’s fantastic!

What to expect in this course

This course is split into four sections:
1. What is low self-esteem?
2. What keeps low self-esteem going?
3. Five techniques to overcome low self-esteem
4. Staying well after the course finishes

Each section has several pages of information to help you to better understand each topic, as well as plenty of activities to bring it to life. By applying the information to your own situation, you can really begin to understand why you don’t feel great in yourself and can then make lasting changes. Self-awareness really is the first step.

Each page is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which has tons of evidence behind it. It’s shown to be effective for low self esteem, as well as anxiety and low mood, which often go hand in hand. You therefore know that you are doing something that is proven to support people in building their self esteem.

How to make the most of the course

To get the most out of the course, we recommend the following:

-Read 1-2 modules a week for modules 1, 2 and 4. We advise reading the content, then applying it to yourself. You can dip back into reread the same module at any time, to refresh your knowledge as needed. 
-Module 3 covers the main five techniques techniques, so we recommend taking your time with this module. Potentially, you could cover one technique a week for module 3. There are 5 techniques, so it could take 5 weeks to really practice the techniques in module 3.

This pacing most similarly mimics the pace of 1:1 therapy, and can help you to really give time to each technique to embed it.

Module 1 introduction

In module 1, you’ll learn all about the definition and spectrum of self-esteem, as well as what starts low self-esteem for people. You’ll also start to understand the impact it has on various elements of your life, such as work, relationships, and your mental health.

You’ll then learn about two key concepts in CBT called core beliefs and rules for living, which are impacted by low self esteem.

We then have a friendly quiz to test your knowledge (which research shows help you to retain the information better), and a downloadable worksheet to see how your personal experiences fit into what you just learnt.

So go on, read on, and start to boost your self-esteem, once and for all!