We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need or what it costs? The information below should help with that.

Adult CBT Assessment

50 minute appointment to discuss your needs


Adult CBT therapy

50 minute appointment to work on managing your difficulties.


Child (under 18) CBT assessment and report

1 hour 10 minute appointment to discuss the child’s needs, and a comprehensive report written afterwards for all relevant professionals and the family


Child (under 18) CBT therapy

50 minute appointment to work on managing your child’s difficulties.


Treatment tends to last between 5 and 20 sessions, as research show this provides long lasting change for clients and is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which guide UK health services in what treatments to offer.

We offer reduced rates for direct block bookings of treatment sessions: 10% off when booking 10 sessions. There will not be a time limit or end date for you to use your sessions, and you do not have to use all your sessions in go. For instance, some clients like spreading out the last few sessions over a few months to consolidate their learning. We would not advise you to block book treatment sessions until after you have had an assessment, and you and the therapist are sure that a course of CBT could be helpful.

*Please note, rates for children are higher due to the additional time spent outside of sessions liaising with parents, schools and other professionals (with your consent).

Other non-therapy fees

Please enquire directly using the enquiry form below about our fees for lecturing, training events, consultancy to other professionals and supervision to CBT Therapists.


Due to Covid-19, we are currently only offering sessions virtually – that is via zoom or by telephone. There’s loads of evidence emerging about how this is just as effective as face to face therapy, and is an up and coming area of therapy (even before Covid-19 hit!). The benefits include no travel time, flexibility around your current commitments including work and childcare, a sense of anonymity and reduced risk of transmitting or catching Covid-19.

How to pay

We currently accept payment by BACS transfer as all sessions are currently virtual, due to Covid-19. You will be sent an invoice with these details, with a request to pay before the next session.

When we open for face to face sessions, we will also accept payment by card machine, cash and cheque.

We are registered with various insurance providers, including WPA, Cigna, and Aviva, and we are constantly looking at other insurance providers to partner with. Please let us know in your self-referral form, if you are with a provider and we can see what they can offer for you.


Please contact us as soon as possible if you have to cancel or change an appointment.

We will not charge you for cancellations or moving appointments unless you provide us with less than 24 hours’ notice (excluding weekends), which will then mean we will bill you for the full rate (or the session will come out of one of the pre-paid block of sessions). Whilst we really dislike doing this, we are often unable to offer an appointment to anyone else with such short notice, and the hour goes unfilled.

To reduce the chance of this happening, we will send an email reminder to you 48 hours before the session, so you can contact us as soon as possible if you do need to cancel or move the session.

Self-referral form to book in

To assess if we’re the right therapists for you, we do ask that you use the enquiries form below to request a self-referral form to complete. If we feel we can support you, we will aim to book in an assessment within two weeks.

General enquiries form

Please use the below form to request a self-referral form, ask a general enquiry, or to enquire about fees for lecturing, consultancy and supervision.