Q + A with Senior Counselling Therapist: Monique Stojakovic

Q + A with Senior Counselling Therapist: Monique Stojakovic Brighter Life Therapy

To continue with our Q + A series, we asked one of our accredited Senior Counselling Therapists – Monique Stojakovic – a couple of questions about herself and her work. You can hear Monique’s answers in the recording below.

Listen below to hear her answer the following:

  • What does your role entail at BLT? 
  • Do you do any other roles/training outside of Brighter Life Therapy?
  • What drew you towards counselling specifically?  
  • What is a piece of advice would you give to those wanting to pursue a career within mental health?
  • Favourite self-care activity/routine? 
  • What mental health problem do you find most interesting to work with?
  • What is your one top tip for overcoming this problem?

If you would like a session with Monique or another member of the team for depression or anxiety based problems, feel free to contact us. We provide fast access to CBT and counselling treatment, which you can read about here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0118 40 50 108, or by emailing info@brighterlifetherapy.co.uk.

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