Q+A with the Clinical Director & CBT Therapist

Q+A with the Clinical Director & CBT Therapist Brighter Life Therapy

As part of a new series of blogs we are posting, we’ll be featuring Q+A vlogs or blogs with our therapist team.

To begin this series, Anjali Mehta Chandar, the Clinical Director of Brighter Life Therapy and an accredited CBT Therapist on the team, has answered some questions in the video below.

Watch below to see her answer questions about:
-her role at Brighter Life Therapy and as a Lecturer at an award winning university
-what inspired her to work in the mental health field, and her first paid job as a support worker in an inpatient hospital
-the mental health problem she finds most interesting to work with (spoiler alert: depression)
-top tip to manage depression
-something interesting you may not know about her…

If you would like a session with Anjali or another member of the team for depression or anxiety based problems, feel free to contact us. We provide fast access to CBT and counselling treatment, which you can read about here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0118 40 50 108, or by emailing info@brighterlifetherapy.co.uk.

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