CBT for pain

Did you know that chronic pain can really affect our mood and can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety? We teamed up with The Physio Clinic Glasgow to discuss the interesting overlap between physiotherapy and psychotherapy. There is a lot of evidence for CBT for pain. Watch our three videos below.

Firstly, interview 1 discusses:
-The physical manifestations of mental health
-Assessing you as a person, not a problem
-What impacts your pain
-How to build a toolbox of techniques.

Then, interview 2 discusses:
-What we can help you with
-Why we focus on education
-When you should seek help with mental health
-Stigmas around mental health

Finally, interview 3 discusses:
-Investing in your own health
-Post-lockdown anxiety
-Good pain versus bad pain
-The ‘bank account of pain and stress’ analogy.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and found them useful. Get in touch with us below if you’d like some CBT for pain, or have a read about how CBT works here. You can also contact The Physio Clinic Glasgow for your physiotherapy needs here.

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