The Robora Podcast Interview

The Robora Podcast Interview Brighter Life Therapy

Very recently, I was interviewed by Annie Ridout, co-founder of The Robora, for her podcast.

The Robora Podcast

The Robora is an online business teaching practical and mindset skills to women who work online. They run a podcast and sell online courses. 

Their recent season on the podcast is focusing on women who also run online businesses. As Clinical Director for Brighter Life Therapy, I fall under that bracket. 

Brighter Life Therapy is a currently virtual private practice, offering CBT and counselling to children and adults. We may move into offering face to face therapy at some point, but we’ve found that online and telephone therapy seems to work well for both the clients and our team of therapists.

What did we discuss?

In this 45 minute podcast episode we discuss a lot! Including the below:

  • Mental health in the pandemic and how stigma is changing
  • The benefits of online therapy whether that’s via zoom or telephone
  • How much of your personal life to share on social media as a therapist
  • What it’s like to run an online therapy business 
  • Our new digital courses that are coming soon.
  • The future of online therapy
  • Top tips to manage anxiety – e.g. how to top avoiding situations, and how to use worry time to manage uncontrollable worries.

How can I listen to the Robora podcast?

If you would like to give it a listen, you can access the podcast via Spotify or Apple podcasts.

We’ve added the podcast below, so you can easily access it.

Grab a cup of tea, hit play, and enjoy!

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