Baby blues and low mood in new and expectant mums

Last year I teamed up with Emma‘s Diary facebook page to deliver a free session about low mood, depression and baby blues for new and expectant mums.

What are baby blues?

Baby blues are the name given to the low mood that women can experience the first week after childbirth. This can take many new mothers by surprise, as they expect to feel happy. However, the sudden changes in hormones can really impact on that.

Symptoms tend to include:

  • feeling low in mood
  • irritability
  • bursting into tears for no apparent reason
  • anxiety
  • restlessness

The session content:

  1. What are baby blues (compared to low mood or depression)
  2. Common symptoms of low mood feeling down, loss of interest, changes to sleep/appetite, lack of energy, feeling inadequate.
  3. How to manage low mood or depression: self-care, emotional support and practical support.
  4. How to get support: contact your midwife/health visitor or GP. PANDAS is a great charity to reach out to. Brighter Life Therapy are also able to offer 1:1 support.

If you’d like to find out more about these topics, follow the link here to watch the video.

Accessing CBT Therapy for low mood

If you’re experiencing baby blues, they should often better on its own within a week as your hormones settle down. However, if the low mood is prolonged for a few weeks or a month, we can support you with one to one CBT therapy for low mood.

If you’re interested in finding out how Brighter Life Therapy can help you, take a look at our information pages here.

If you need any further support with this area,

please do get in touch with us

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