‘Have You Tried Being Happy?’ Podcast Interview

'Have You Tried Being Happy?' Podcast Interview Brighter Life Therapy

It was a great pleasure to join Yasmin Anning on her podcast ‘Have You Tried Being Happy?’ (which is aptly named after some particularly unhelpful advice on managing low mood!).

This podcast is all about mental health, but it offers a “unique perspective of accepting and living with your mental health” with an “unfiltered sprinkling of comedy”. If you’re looking for a light hearted but interesting podcast about mental health, this is certainly it!

I’ve loved listening to this podcast since it came out in 2020 during the pandemic, and each week Yasmin has some fantastic and interesting guests discussing their journeys with mental health.

In the episode I did with Yasmin, she interviews me about:

  • The importance of checking in on friends and colleagues
  • My own mental health experiences
  • My experiences of working in the mental health field
  • The difference between counselling and CBT
  • The different levels of CBT support
  • How I got into the field
  • What Brighter Life Therapy offer
  • And a special discount code for listeners of the episode!

We really hope you enjoy it. It was a pleasure to record, and I hope it will be helpful for you. You can hear my episode below:

You can also listen to the other podcast episodes on Spotify and follow the Instagram account for more information. Happy listening!

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